Are you currently enrolled or planning to attend an Electrician Program, Powerline Program or Telecommunications Program?


Students currently enrolled or planning to attend a Qualified Program (listed below), submit your application to, drop off at the office, or have application postmarked before the deadline.


  • Electrical Utilities & Substation Technology
  • Power Line Construction & Maintenance
  • Utilities Technology-Heating & Cooling
  • Utilities Technology-Power Line
  • Electrical Construction & Maintenance
  • Heating & Cooling Technology
  • Information Systems Technology
  • Telecommunications

One applicant will be awarded a scholarship for the upcoming January 2026 Semester or the Fall 2026 Semester.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on a combination of SAT/ACT score; overall GPA; work experience; written essay; letter of recommendation and applicant appraisal.

(co-sponsored by Grand Electric)

Attention: High School Seniors from Bison, Buffalo, Lemmon and Newell School Districts – Here is your chance to win a $750 Scholarship from WRCTC! One senior from each school district and/or combined school districts will be awarded a scholarship for the upcoming 2025-2026 school year.

For an application, please click on the appropriate school district:

Deadline is TBA.

Please submit applications to, drop off at the office, or have them postmarked before the deadline. Mail the completed application and extra documents to:

% Scholarship Program
PO Box 39
Bison, SD 57620

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Brooke Schecher at 605-244-5213 or 777.

Current employees’ and directors’ dependents are not eligible for this scholarship.

Win a FREE Trip to Washington, D.C.!

FRS Youth Tour • Date: TBA

  • Tour famous historical sites & monuments.
  • Learn what it takes to advance a community through broadband applications.
  • Meet with Federal Communications Commission and congressional staff.
  • Experience a special cultural performance.
  • Build relationships with peers that can last a lifetime.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Dance the night away with a Youth Tour mixer.

Deadline to apply is TBA.

*Students must be high school students, age 15, 16 or 17 at the time of the tour and be a dependent of a WRCTC member. Students age 18 or over are ineligible to attend.

*Student’s guardians are responsible for getting student to the airport. Chaperones will be available to students once they fly into the connecting airport.

*An Informational Meeting is hosted by FRS before the trip. Students and guardians have the chance to have all questions answered.

To apply, write an essay no more than 500 words on the topic of: TBA

If you have any questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Brooke Schecher at 605-244-5213 or 777.

Please note that the scholarship application process for the FRS Scholarship has changed!

Submitting one application is sufficient for eligibility of all available scholarships:

  • $2,500 FRS General Scholarship
  • $7,000 Everett Kneece Scholarship
  • $5,000 Herbert and Isabel Bitz Memorial Scholarship
  • $5,000 JSI Scholarship
  • $5,000 Sarah Tyree Good Neighbor Scholarship
  • $2,500 Cronin Communications Scholarship
  • $2,500 Diana Jo Dreyer Memorial Scholarship

To learn more about how to apply for this application, please click on: the FRS Scholarship flyer.

You can also click on: Kaleidoscope.

To be eligible for this scholarship, each applicant must:

• Be a graduating high school senior.
• Be a United States citizen.
• Be sponsored by a current NTCA member such as WRCTC
• Be accepted by an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school.
• Complete the online application.
• Express an interest to return to a rural community following graduation.

The application must be postmarked by TBA and will be announced in TBA.